Heavy Transport & Project Forwarding

Project Forwarding is an area where planning, expertise, pre-investigation, follow up and the management of teams, equipment and business procedures have the most vital importance for executing the service package.

Project Forwarding is a sophisticated transport concept which requires special equipment & preparation and knowledge.

CalibRa with its highly experienced and professional team members provides its clients the most suitable and efficient logistics model for their projects.

Out of Gauge Transport

Within all the modes of transportation, Out of Gauge transport needs a specialized team and equipment where CalibRa offers this service by matching the cargo with the best convenient mode of transport, equipment and route.

During Out of Gauge Transport , weight and the dimensions of the cargo are calculated and the best convenient equipment is determined by the professionals of CalibRa.

During planning process, CalibRa obtains the necessary road permits and correct type of ship and performing customs clearance and insurance operations as per contractual scope(s).

Combined Transport

Project Logistics contains every possible mode of shipment and CalibRa offers competitive services in terms of combined transport with its worldwide range of service network and experienced staff.

According to the type of cargo and the route of transport, CalibRa is able to combine sea& air& rail and road transport modes to provide the efficient solution for the projects. In addition, special routes require special transport modes such as river&barge transport solutions.

CalibRa is also performing barge operations with correct method of statement and engineering preparations on island projects or where the job site just located next to the river(s).

Warehousing-Delivery & Collection

CalibRa offers warehousing, pre & on carriage services as part of the turnkey service package through its worldwide range of agency network if needed or required.

Contract Management

CalibRa also offers consultancy services to its business partners according to the responsibilities for each party not only by Incoterms but also for new models and terms as submitted into transport system globally.

Custom Clearance Services

As related to operations & requirements, CalibRa is also able to perform required custom clearances either for import or export activities at any load / discharge port or locations.

Feasibility Reports & Survey

One of the most important steps of establishing the correct model of operation is to set survey & feasibility in properly.

CalibRa performs this exercise and submit its report before the project execution, including road surveys, port, jobsite and customs conditions as well as other project-specific issues.