CalibRa Project Logistics LLC



Project Logistics

Project Logistics; in is league, is an area where planning, expertise, pre-investigation, follow up and the management of teams, equipment and business procedures have the most vital importance in executing the service package. CalibRa; by its experienced team, proven success record and with a wide range of industrial solutions would be the right choice.

Combined Transport

Project Logistics contains every possible mode of shipment and CalibRa offers competitive services in terms of combined transport with its worldwide range of service network and experienced staff.

Out of Gauge Transport


Within all the modes of transport, out gauge ones need a specialized team and equipment where CalibRa offers this service by matching the cargo with the best convenient mode of transport, equipment and route.

Warehousing-Delivery & Collection

CalibRa offers warehousing, pre & on carriage services as part of the turnkey service package due to its worldwide range of agency network..

Contract Management

CalibRa also offers consultancy services to its business partners according to the responsibilities to each party not only by Incoterms 2012 but as well as other international commercial conventions.

Custom Clearance Services


CalibRa offers tailor made service packages at this step to each Project, where document supply and management has critical importance.

Feasibility Reports

One of the most important steps of establishing the most competitive service package is the feasibility exercise. CalibRa will perform this exercise and submit its report before the Project execution, including road surveys, port, jobsite and customs conditions as well as other Project-specific issues.