OHSAS Policy (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series)

CalibRa has established OHSAS management system in parallel to Total Quality Management thus aware of the risks and has continuous effort and research to minimize them, developing plans to face the risks that have high possibility to be seen, trains the experienced staff accordingly where all these are documented. CalibRa has open door policy towards its business partners and keeps its principal to act accordingly to rules and regulations of the local area where business is executed. CalibRa has declared to better the OHSAS policy and management continuously, to act accordingly to OHSAS institution, to establish and monitor the goals and targets of OHSAS policy in order to prevent injuries and health problems at the job area.

Environmental Policy

    CalibRa has declared to offer the best service package together with continuous betterment of its environmental policy, to maintain special customer requests also by fulfilling its legal responsibility towards the environment, to comply fully with OHSAS Policy in its performance which leads to reduce the effect of its business practice to environment, to prevent environmental pollution before it occurs, to minimize waste products, to maintain the usage of natural sources in an efficient way which as a result will end up in less natural source usage and to act in a way to increase consciousness of its team members and subcontractors towards environment.